A short summary of the project by Jurij Dobravec (

1. European dimension of organ culture
There is only a few cultural elements that characterize European culture as a whole and at the same time distinguish it from others. Pipe organ represents a cultural heritage tightly connected with 1000 year of development of European culture, art and spirit. This is a special group of heritage that is at the same time past and present - and future as we expect. I short: alive heritage. Pipe organ heritage cannot be treat on a national level.
An overview of the pipe organ databases in Europe shows that at least 200.000 exist in this area. Not all of them are of great music, architectural or historical importance, but all are important as a heritage of either local, regional or national level. Special advantage of this heritage is that it is spread extremely evenly across the area.
Slovenia is a part of Europe and a crossroad of different organ styles and influences. A project ARSORS - Ars Organi Sloveniae represents a digital database of Slovenian pipe organs. For the first time volunteers of Jarina Association Bohinj started with collection of data from many sources onto one database.

2. General aims and initial phase
There were many general aims considered during this initial phase of the project, but the following should be stressed:
- collect knowledge about Slovenian organs in one place in digital form
- prepare a base for research and analyses, needed for selecting priorities of restoration actions
- rise awareness of importance of organ music and organ history in European context
- simplify pipe-organ concert organization with known posibilities in the area from music style and technical point of view
- fulfil a gap of organ data in the Central Europe area
- prepare a base for thematic tourist trip based on architecture, music, and art with special accent on pipe-organ music
- prepare a base for financing and fund-rising activities for future events, education, restorations, concerts, aware rising, recordings
- include young organists to activelly recognize pipe organ not just as concert and chuch instrument but also as European cultural and spiritual heritage.

3. Actions
General aims serve as a background. But only concrete actions can give us, and to audience suitable effect. Actions are grouped into work packages:
- establish contacts with core stakeholders on pipe organ contents (scientists, associations, organ builders ...)
- invitation for co-operation of other stakeholders, owners and general interrested public
- meetings in the field (with organbuilders, experts, core owners, like Churches)
3.2 GIS
- identify locations of buildings with pipe organs (churches, musical schools)
- connecting existing localities to the georeferenced objects
- prepare background database for web GIS version
- cross-checking of filled-in data
- survey of some specific instruments
- detail checking of separate instruments (significant, important, special )
- detail semi-professional photos of selected instruments
- sound images recording
- filling in database with data from literature and other sources
- cross-checking database with field data
- contents logic control
- addaptation of web server
- preparation of structure od database and GIS web software
- web database design (functional approach included)
- invitation to common public to fill web data forms
- connecting database, GIS, interacitve forum and presentation segment
- design of presentation part with different level of rights for different users (e.g. owners will be able to access all details, scientists restrictions about ownerships, maintainance, financial aspects ...; common public only common presentation with images, dispositinon, common description etc.)
- initiative articles in national music oriented period publications
- preparation of common presentation of history, development, status, acoustic and technic aspects of organ building activities in Slovenia
- preparation of leaflets about the project
- connections/links with other pipe organ database in Europe and World
- (option) a book about pipe organs in Slovenia
- (option) style concerts cyclus on selected instruments
3.6 COMMUNICATION at international level
- participations at international events important for pipe organ databases
- exchange of experiences among database managers across Europe
- including data into different European Index databases

4. Conclusion
Pipe organ is a splendid musical instrument. More than 1000 of them are installed in Slovenia and exhaustive knowledge exists about music, technic and history. We believe that a digital database represents a new step in efforts toward future of organ music in the area.